Balkan Heritage Foundation welcomes Fulbright Scholars for 2017/2018

The Balkan Heritage Foundation along with the National Archaeological Institute and Museum, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences are excited to host two Fulbright student researchers for the 2017-18 academic year. These are USA PhD students Ashlee Hart and Matthew Schueller, both Balkan Heritage Field School alumni.

Ashlee Heart first attended the Balkan Heritage Field School Ancient Greeks in the Land of Dionysos – Excavations of Emporion Pistiros, Thrace in July 2013 and returned in 2016 to the project as a volunteer. Her combined interest in the indigenous Thracians interaction with Greeks and appreciation for the technical skill, beauty, and function of archaeological ceramics led her to her PhD dissertation topic, Convening Cultures in Ancient Thrace: An Evaluation of Greek Interaction on Technological Choice within Indigenous Thracian Ceramics from Late Iron Age Bulgaria. Her continued work with the Balkan Heritage Foundation will result in collaborative published reports of the archaeological discoveries at Emporion Pistiros (5th – 2nd c. BCE) from 2012-2017.

Matthew Schuller first became involved with BHF in summer 2009 as a participant at our archaeological field school at Heraclea Lyncestis near Bitola in the Republic of Macedonia. Because of the interest and dedication he showed during this project, he was invited to return as a field instructor and supervisor for the following summer’s field seasons (2011 to 2015) in archaeological and conservation projects in Bulgaria and R. of Macedonia. His Balkan archaeological experience is reflected in his choice of topic for his PhD dissertation – Public Entertainment Venues as Network Actors in Roman Macedonia and Thrace.

The Balkan Heritage Foundation has been able, and will continue during the upcoming Fulbright Fellowship year, to aid Ashlee and Matt through establishing connections with academic colleagues across Bulgaria, helping to gain access to archaeological materials, and providing guidance. As they progress towards the completion of their dissertations and collaborative publications, they will continue working to support the Balkan Heritage Foundation mission to protect, conserve, manage and promote cultural and historic heritage of Southeastern Europe.

We aim to ensure their continued involvement in Balkan Heritage and the Fulbright Student Program’s shared mission of promoting constructive cultural exchange between students and scholars in the United States and Southeastern Europe. The program provides scholarship opportunities for students with interest in the SE European history and culture to work on a research topic on the Balkans under the supervision and guidance of BHF affiliated scholars. For more information about the program and to apply: