Among the main goals of the Balkan Heritage Foundation is the promotion and development of quality education in the fields of Archaeology and History, Conservation and Restoration, Cultural Resource Management, etc. It is achieved through our Field School Program and Public lectures.

 BALKAN HERITAGE FIEL SCHOOL                                 

The Balkan Heritage Field School (BHFS) runs since 2003 and has implemented more than 70 educational projects with the participation of Bulgarian, Macedonian, Canadian, Japanese, US, French and British archaeologists, conservators and heritage experts as well as more than 1300 students and volunteers from all over the world. These projects took place in: Mezdra, Dragoman, Stara Zagara, Emona, Varna, Sozopol, Mezek, Sofia, Ilndentsi, Septemvri and Pazardzhik (Bulgaria), Bitola and Stobi (Republic of Macedonia). Each field school project involves experts and students and combines elements of academic and non-formal education: lectures and training courses, excavations, workshops, lab work and field trips that enable students to gain valuable hands-on experience and excursions to attractive archaeological and cultural sites around the project’s location. The field school projects are implemented in cooperation with, and accredited as academic courses, by New Bulgarian University, Bulgaria, University Colledge of Losa Angelis, USA and Queens University, Canada. For more information visit BHFS website at

Every year the BHF organizes several pubic lectures delivered by prominent archaeologists, historians, conservators, cultural resource managers, etc., most of which are team members of the BHFS courses, with the aim of sharing their knowledge, experience and expertise with colleagues from the Balkans. For more information visit our Public Lectures list.