Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between the Balkan Heritage Foundation (BHF) and Balkan Heritage Field School (BHFS)?

Balkan Heritage Field School is the oldest and the largest program of the Balkan Heritage Foundation, a Bulgarian non-profit organization.

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How to Establish Partnership with Balkan Heritage Foundation?

The BHF is opened to collaboration and partnership with any academic and research organizations and scholars working for the study, preservation and promotion of human past and cultural heritage, as well as in all related fields and disciplines. The BHF collaborates with universities, museums, research institutes, municipalities, media, business companies, foundations and other government and non-government organizations from the Balkans and beyond as well as with individual scholars, researchers, conservators, etc., etc. Together BHF and its partners support various archaeological and heritage conservation projects as well as archaeological and conservation field schools and educational courses, public lectures, exhibitions, advocacy campaigns and publications. All organizations or individuals wishing to establish contact or partnership with the BHF could write to us at

How to donate to the BHF, BHFS or particular project?

For many of its projects, the BHF counts on generous big or small donations or grants. Our donors are various – from big agencies or foundations to individuals – people with concern about our cultural heritage, BHFS alumni and their relatives or our friends. Usually, our Donation Campaigns (for the conservation of artefacts or monuments, purchase of equipment, scholarships, etc.) are published on our web sites and social media. If you wish to donate to one of these campaigns or to another initiative or cause please write to us at

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How to establish a field school within Balkan Heritage Field School Program?

Balkan Heritage Field School (BHFS) started in 2008 as an educational program for practice-oriented courses in the fields of archaeology and historic preservation taught in English. Currently they take place in Bulgaria, Greece, Republic of Macedonia and Montenegro. They are targeted for academic and non-academic audiences (mostly volunteers and individuals with a need for specialized pre- and early career training). All courses are affiliated with ongoing research and conservation projects conducted by BHFS partner heritage institutions and have been accredited thanks to partnerships with New Bulgarian University (Bulgaria), Connecticut College and University of California Los Angeles Extension (USA, through Institute for Field Research) and the Department of Classics, Queen’s University (Canada). The concept of BHFS is based on a symbiosis between educational projects (i.e. field schools or courses) and ongoing heritage projects (research and conservation). Normally, specialists in the research and conservation projects are instructors and supervisors in the field schools and, the participants in the field schools are in fact volunteers in the heritage projects. Based on this, our students, heritage specialists, partnering institutions and local communities are able to interact, collaborate with and benefit from each other. As a result, BHFS participants receive a quality practice-based education and unique intercultural experience; the heritage specialists and their projects receive funding, volunteers, organizational support; local communities generate income for providing their products and services to BHFS and have “their”, actually our, heritage promoted and supported.

Every year the BHF receives proposals for collaboration and establishment of field schools usually as part of ongoing research or conservation project. The selection criteria for such proposals are: safety of the location, logistical conditions (options for good accommodation, healthy food, comfortable and safe transport), responsive research or conservation team, attractive and valuable research or conservation project (excavations of an archaeological site, conservation of monuments or artefacts), the prospect for partnership and project sustainability. All organizations or individuals wishing to establish a field school within Balkan Heritage Field School Program could write to us at