MA Program

The MA (and possible PhD follow-up) program in Balkan and Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology is a joint project of the Department of Archaeology at the New Bulgarian University and Balkan Heritage Foundation. It presents a mix of specialized courses in the archaeology of Southeastern Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean and more generalized courses covering important topics in archaeological method and theory that enable students to conduct research worldwide. Part of our courses prepares students for archaeological fieldwork, although others, such as Geographic Information Systems and Reflectance Transformation Imaging, are broadly applicable to fields outside archaeology.

The online platform gives students access to an international group of professors from Great Britain, the United States, Denmark and other countries, allowing them to engage with diverse perspectives and research traditions across continents. The two-year MA program requires the student to participate in two field schools. Students may choose from a broad range of projects in archaeology and conservation offered by Balkan Heritage Field School. The courses are taught in English and most are online, delivered weekly via the ‘Digital Classroom’ software. Students come to Sofia, Bulgaria two times (in June) for practical courses at the Archaeometry Lab of the New Bulgarian University. At the close of the two weeks in Sofia, students take part in field schools in Bulgaria or in another Balkan/Eastern Mediterranean country. After successfully graduating from the MA program, a 6-Semester PhD degree is possible. Upon completion of the MA program, students have the necessary qualifications for the following jobs: archaeologist, museum curator, cultural heritage manager, field archaeology manager and field archaeology technician.

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