documentation of monuments in stobi

Project type/s: Conservation and documentation of monuments and а field school

Project duration: 2015 – present

Location: National Institution Stobi, Republic of North Macedonia

The cultural heritage monuments: Buildings and urban spaces

Periods: Roman period (1th – 4th century CE) and Late Roman (5th – 6th century CE).

Project Directors: Republic of North Macedonia and Assoc. Prof. Dr George Bevan from the Department of Geography and Planning, Queen’s University, Canada; and Dr. Silvana Blazhevska, National Institution Stobi (2010-2017).

BHF contribution: 3D and geodetic documentation of Roman and Late Roman period buildings (theatre, basilicas, temples, residential buildings, etc) and urban spaces . Involvement of 7 team members and visiting specialists and more than 30 volunteers – students.

Project team members: Kristen Jones (2015-present), Department of Classics, Queen’s University, Canada; Dimitar Nikolovski, Archaeologist, NI Stobi (2016-present); Dr. Miglena Raykovska, New Bulgarian University (2015); and Ian Longo (2015);

BHF project partners: National Institution Stobi (Republic of North Macedonia), Queen’s University (Canada) and the Institute of Field Research (USA).

Description: The goal of this project is 3D and geodetic documentation and survey of the major architectural monuments in the ancient city of Stobi. The project brought the archaeological team of National Institution Stobi closer to the creation of systematic photogrametrical documentation of excavated buildings which will be used for further completion of architectural conservation plans.

Since 2016, digital photogrammetry has been used as an official field documentation tool at the archaeological field school excavations at Stobi.