Prehistoric Tell Yunatsite stratigraphic layers timeline panelCopyright ©2020 Atelier 3

Tell Yunatsite Conservation Project

The Architectural Studio "Atelier 3" presents the completed design for conservation and presentation of the prehistoric site Tell Yunatsite in Southern Bulgaria following the joint preservation initiative of the Regional Museum of History - Pazardzhik, the archaeological team and the Balkan Heritage Foundation. The site is a venue of one of the Balkan Heritage Field School projects.

Investigating the medieval church “Sveti Nikola” in Kalotina, Bulgaria

In the period September-November 2020 the Balkan Heritage Foundation team carried out a non-destructive investigation of the medieval church "Sveti Nikola" in Kalotina near Sofia, Bulgaria and a field survey in the surrounding area. The project is supported by the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture.