Investigating the medieval church “Sveti Nikola” in Kalotina, Bulgaria

In the period September-November 2020 the Balkan Heritage Foundation team carried out a non-destructive investigation of the medieval church "Sveti Nikola" in Kalotina near Sofia, Bulgaria and a field survey in the surrounding area. The project is supported by the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture.

Църквата „Св. Теодор Тирон“ в Зимевица, Софийско (The Church of St. Theodore Tyro in Zimevitsa, Sofia District – in Bulgarian)

This book sheds light on the history, architecture, wall paintings and various ecclesiastical artifacts of the 17th century church "St. Theodore Tyro" in the village of Zimevitsa near Sofia, Bulgaria. The data was collected during the ‘Fresco-Hunting” Photo Research Expedition to Medieval Balkan Churches​ in the period 2010-2016 ​by the Balkan Heritage Foundation. This Bulgarian edition is the first ​of the series: "Balkan Heritage ​Studies" and includes 194 illustrations (photographs and plans).