The Balkan Heritage Foundation supports numerous research and/or conservation projects (currently in Bulgaria and Republic of North Macedonia) such as excavations, expeditions, conservation and documentation workshops, contributing to the study, preservation, promotion and utilization of the Cultural Heritage of the Balkans. Excavation projects take place at various types of archaeological sites: settlements, religious monuments, ancient and medieval cities and emporia, fortresses and tells, etc. Conservation projects involve work with authentic artifacts: Ancient Greek pottery, Roman and Late Antique pottery and glassware, Roman and Late Roman mosaics and wall-paintings, medieval wall-paintings and architecture. Documentation workshops are dedicated to 2-D and 3-D documentation of artefacts and monuments, RTI documentation and research of wall-paintings and epigraphic monuments, graphic and photographic documentation of pottery, mosaics and other artifacts. T|hus the BHF contributes to the efforts of scientific, research, conservation and management teams and institutions.