Balkan Heritage Foundation encourages the involvement of talented students, junior specialists and researchers from all over the world, who have an interest in Balkan archaeology, history and cultural heritage in the BHF’s ongoing educational, research and conservation projects through scholarships and internships. Internships are awarded by the Balkan Heritage Foundation exclusively to Balkan Heritage Field School alumni and collaborators upon available funding and project-based needs. The Foundation also motivates returning students (who show interest in a specific topic and are willing to return to the same field school) through upgrades of their activity program, diversification of assignments and deduction of admission fees.

Since 2017 the US Student Fulbright Program has been awarding a Balkan Heritage Foundation study/research award in Archaeology and History. This education grant is for US graduate students and young researchers who want to conduct research in areas related to both Balkan archaeology or museum and heritage studies. The grantees can spend up to 10 months in Bulgaria working on individual research. They are supervised and supported by Balkan Heritage affiliated academic supervisors and have the opportunity to take part in a BHF field school.

Fulbright Commission covers a monthly stipend for the research period, travel/relocation allowance, participation in a field school, optional courses at Bulgarian academic institutions which aim to broaden grantee’s knowledge and provide the student with an academic community. The program supports the students with access to museums, libraries and specialists in the research field. At the end of the academic year, the student is expected to produce a publishable paper or conference presentation on the research topic.
Scholarships are granted by external organizations and individual donors. Among the individual scholarship donors are Mr. Robert Goodwin, his wife Ms. Julie Kiernan and their company Stone & Compass as well as several more US and Canadian individuals who prefer to remain anonymous. Since 2014 they have made generous donations for merit-based scholarships awarded to Balkan Heritage Field School students.

Since 2015 Institute for Field Research, USA has granted 4 merit-based scholarships to students participating in Joint BHF-IFR Program for the Balkans.

Currently, IFR grants various scholarships to students participating in the Program.


Balkan Heritage Foundation has sponsored on demand and upon available funding approx. 20 short-term exchanges of specialists (from Bulgaria, Greece, France, Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, USA, Canada and Japan) as well as individual and group trainings for professional archaeologists from Southeastern Europe on RTI, Photogrammetry and GIS.