Balkan Heritage Foundation, established in 2008


The Balkan Heritage Foundation supports numerous research and/or conservation projects (currently in Bulgaria, Greece, Montenegro and Republic of North Macedonia) such as excavations, expeditions, conservation and documentation workshops, contributing to the study, preservation, promotion and utilization of the Cultural Heritage of the Balkans.

The Balkan Heritage Foundation organizes campaigns for raising public awareness on local heritage issues. It is involved in the development of regional strategies for the utilization and management of cultural heritage and development of cultural tourism for municipalities in cooperation with local museum, government, and non-government organizations and stakeholders.

Balkan Heritage Foundation‘s main goals consist of the promotion and development of quality education in the fields of Archaeology and History, Conservation and Restoration, Cultural Resource Management, etc. It is achieved through our Field School Program and Public lectures.

campaign for support of balkan cultural heritage

The Balkan Heritage Foundation organizes and implements exhibitions, conferences, donation campaigns, training courses, online seminars and much more.



Mosaic Week in Plovdiv 2021

Mosaic Week in Plovdiv 2021 is a project of the Balkan Heritage Foundation, supported by the Municipality of Plovdiv and included in the Cultural Calendar of the city for 2021.
balkan-heritage-foundation-exhibition-VarnaAnton Chalakov

"Preserving the Past, Looking to the Future" Vol. 4 in Varna

The Regional History Museum - Varna and the Balkan Heritage Foundation held the opening of the 4th exhibition "Preserving the Past, Looking to the Future" on June 24 2021!

Exhibition "Preserving the Past, Looking to the Future"

The Balkan Heritage Foundation invites you to an archaeological exhibition at the Regional History Museum - Varna from June 24 - October 31, 2021