RTI Dome

Reached Donation Goal for the RTI Dome Building Campaign!

We are proud to announce that the campaign for gathering the necessary funding to build an RTI dome was successful and we have raised the needed 4000 EUR (approximately 4530 USD). We are grateful to all of our alumni and supporters all around the world that helped us with raising the amount for the support, protection and conservation of Balkan cultural heritage!
new bulgarian university main entrance

BHF Begins New Graduate Program with New Bulgarian University

In partnership with the Balkan Heritage Foundation, New Bulgarian University will now offer an MA program in Balkan and Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology. The program is a new path for graduate students to explore the history and culture of the Balkans deeper and further and includes the possibility of a continued PhD degree.
between east and west stobi excavation macedonia

An Exhibition celebrates the partnership between BHF and the Archaeological Museum "M. Domaradzki"

An exhibition about Emporion Pistiros was organized to summarize the results of the collaboration field school projects at Emporion Pistiros (since 2013) and Roman Road Station Bona Mansio (since 2016) between BHF and Archaeological Мuseum “Mieczysław Domaradzki”, Septemvri.
stobi between east and west poster

BHF Supports NI Stobi's 2018 Symposium and Publication of Studies in Antiquities of Stobi Volume IV

The International Archaeological Conference Between East and West, Stobi and the Cities in the Roman Provinces on the Balkans, organized by the National Institution Stobi.
association of Bulgarian archaeologists balkan heritage

New Partnership with the Association of Bulgarian Archaeologists to Co-Publish E-Book Series!

The Balkan Heritage Foundation will continue their “Balkan Heritage Studies” e-book series in cooperation with the Association of Bulgarian Archaeologists (ABA for short).
atos balkan heritage chocolate

Supporting Balkan Heritage through... Chocolate

At first glance this looks like the real Roman Theater of Plovdiv, however, it was actually a skillfully constructed model made from 11 kgs (24 lbs) of Belgian chocolate!
europa nostra

Balkan Heritage Field School Receives 'Special Mention' at Europa Nostra Awards

The Europa Nostra Awards Jury awarded ‘Special Mentions’ to 12 heritage achievements from 11 European countries. We are pleased to announce that the Balkan Heritage Field School is one of them.

BHF Celebrates 10th Anniversary

On 28 April 2018, the Balkan Heritage Foundation invited colleagues, alumni, partners, friends and family to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the Foundation. The celebration was held at the Sofia History Museum.

The First BHF E-Book of the Series "Balkan Heritage Studies" Presented in Sofia, Bulgaria

On 11.01.2018 the Balkan Heritage Foundation (BHF), and Dr. Angel Angelov (the author) presented the BHF e-book dedicated to the late medieval church St. Theodore Tyro in Zimevitsa, Bulgaria at the National Ethnographic Museum, Sofia, Bulgaria.…

BHF Director Elected to International Committee for the Conservation of Mosaics (ICCM) Board

Between the 15th and 20th of October 2017, three members of the Balkan Heritage Foundation team and two affiliates: Ivan Vasilev (CEO), Angela Pencheva (Program Director), Barbara Remedios (Admissions Officer), Mishko Tutkovski (NI Stobi), and…

BHF welcomes Fulbright Scholars for 2017/2018

The Balkan Heritage Foundation along with the National Archaeological Institute and Museum, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences are excited to host two Fulbright student researchers for the 2017-18 academic year. These are USA PhD students Ashlee…

New Fulbright Research Award for 2018/2019

The Bulgarian-American Fulbright Commission, in partnership with Balkan Heritage Foundation, announced a new study/research award in Archaeology/History for the 2018/2019 academic year. Upon arrival in Bulgaria in August/September 2018, the…