Balkan Heritage Foundation organizes campaigns to raise public awareness of local heritage issues. It has been involved in the development of regional strategies for the utilization and management of cultural heritage and development of cultural tourism for municipalities (Stara Zagora, Svilengrad, Septemvri) in cooperation with local museums, government and non-government organizations and stakeholders. As a follow-up to the Fresco-Hunting’ Expedition field school for documentation of medieval churches in western Bulgaria, some of the churches have been repaired and are now being maintained by the local communities (Balsha, Kalotina, Zimevitsa).

Representatives of the Balkan Heritage Foundation are members of outstanding organizations for cultural heritage: International Committee for the Conservation of Mosaics (ICCM), Bi-National Commission for the Preservation of Bulgaria’s Cultural Heritage (Bulgarian – USA), Consultative Council for Cultural Heritage and Cultural Tourism to the Municipality of Stara Zagora (Bulgaria) and Commission for Cultural Tourism to the Municipality of Septemvri (Bulgaria).