Attic pottery in ancient Thrace

The Balkan Heritage Foundation and the Department of Archaeology at New Bulgarian University organized the BEMA Online Seminar in Balkan and Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology on Saturday, Saturday, June 04, 2022. Guest lecturer Dr. Despoina Tsiafaki (Director of Research at “Athena”: Research & Innovation Center in Information, Communication & Knowledge Technologies) , presented on the following topic: “Attic pottery in ancient Thrace”.


Attic vases hold a prominent position within archaeological research and contribute significantly to pottery studies as well as other fields regarding the knowledge of the Past. Attic pottery achieved great popularity during the 6th-4th c. BCE with exports throughout the Mediterranean and the Euxeinos Pontos (Black Sea). Ancient Thrace was among the regions Attic vases were imported systematically and for a long period.

This lecture will deal with the published Attic painted pottery in ancient Thrace as it is presented through the results of the AtticPOT project ( More than 5000 vases and fragments of Attic pots are collected in the AtticPOT repository, revealing the notable presence of the Athenian Kerameikos in the region and its consumption by the inhabitants. Distribution in apoikiae and other coastal and inland settlements, commercial and social networks, preferences, and function of these vases in the local societies will be among the discussed topics.