BCT Hubs meeting takes place in Sofia, Bulgaria

Today concluded the second international seminar of the Blue Culture Technology Excellence Hubs in EU Widening Member States (BCT Hubs) project, which took place in Sofia on 7-8 November. The event was organized by the Balkan Heritage Foundation and the Center for Underwater Archaeology. Its opening was honored by the Deputy Minister of Culture of Bulgaria, Arch. Chavdar Georgiev with an inspiring speech. 

The BCTHubs Project under the Horizon 2020 Program of the European Commission is dedicated to enhancing research and innovation capabilities in the Blue Economy sector with a primary focus on BCT, underwater cultural heritage, scientific research and tourism valorization in Bulgaria, Greece, Malta and Italy.

While European seas abound with underwater cultural heritage sites and assets, only a fraction of them are being sustainably utilized in benefit of society, cohesion, and growth. BCTHubs aims to establish BCT excellence hubs, providing innovative solutions and products for the sustainable protection, restoration, valorization, management, accessibility, and promotion of underwater cultural heritage. Each BCTHub brings together stakeholders from the realms of Blue Culture and underwater cultural heritage, including research/academia, businesses, the public sector, and societal actors, following a quadruple helix approach. This collaborative effort aims to enhance their capabilities and effectiveness, thereby elevating the level of innovation excellence in the sustainable Blue Economy/Culture within their respective regions, all in alignment with regional or national smart specialization strategies.

Photos: Anton Chalakov