Immersive Technologies for Cultural Heritage

The Balkan Heritage Foundation and the Department of Archaeology at New Bulgarian University organized the BEMA Online Seminar in Balkan and Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology on Saturday, Saturday, October 15, 2022. Guest lecturer Stefan Palitov (Extended reality, film and cultural practitioner and researcher), presented on the following topic: “Immersive Technologies for Cultural Heritage”.


The lecture looked into two aspects of applying augmented and virtual reality technologies for the dissemination and remediation of cultural heritage. First, it explored the historical trajectory of storytelling and how various media have focused on the first-person perspective experience. As a result, contemporary immersive content is a modern iteration of these tendencies, rendered through the latest technology. It analyzed virtual body adoption and the distinction between augmented, mixed, and virtual reality. Additionally, a basic overview of contemporary technologies was conducted. The second part of the lecture went over innovative practices in the cultural field. It addressed a range of creative solutions and went into examples that gave more insight into the dissemination, presentation, and engagement of cultural heritage through immersive technologies.