Mosaic Week Plovdiv Exhibition (October 04 – 24, 2021)

On October 4th, 2021 the Balkan Heritage Foundation and the Municipality of Plovdiv opened Mosaic Week Plovdiv 2021 with an outdoor exhibition  followed by a public lecture at the recently opened Episcopal (Bishop’s) Basilica of Philippopolis.

The exhibition  was located northwest of the  basilica and consisted of 9 vinyl panels displaying 12 sites with ancient and contemporary mosaics throughout the city. The photos captured the ancient floor mosaics of Philippopolis (3rd – 4th century AD), whose number increased significantly after the discovery and conservation of the mosaic floors of the Episcopal Basilica (2015-2020), and the contemporary wall mosaics of Plovdiv, executed in the 1970s and 1980s, found mainly on the facades of public buildings.

The exhibition was available in the period October 04 – 24, 2021, but the mosaic monuments can be seen as part of the ongoing Mosaic Tour Plovdiv created by the Balkan Heritage Foundation and their partner – the Municipality of Plovdiv.

For a look at the photo exhibition by Anton Chalakov browse the gallery below.