Mosaic Week Plovdiv 2021 Opening

(October 04 – 24, 2021)

On October 4th, 2021 Mosaic week Plovdiv was officially opened with a public lecture “The ancient mosaics of Philippopolis and the contemporary mosaics of Plovdiv” by the conservator Assos. Prof. Elena Kantareva-Decheva. Her presentation was dedicated to the history, techniques, and technology of mosaic art in Plovdiv and was attended by 30 guests following the Covid-19 restrictions. It was the first event of that kind held at the recently opened Episcopal (Bishop’s) Basilica of Philippopolis.

The lecture was preceded by the opening of an outdoor exhibition  northwest of the  basilica displaying on 9 panels the 12 sites selected to be part of the Mosaic Tour Plovdiv and can be seen in the period October 04 – 24, 2021.

Through the Mosaic Tour Plovdiv created by the Balkan Heritage Foundation team, the citizens and guests of the city can discover its diverse mosaic heritage of the city dating back to Antiquity and the contemporary period.

The lecture, the exhibition and the tour are part of the Balkan Heritage Foundation project Mosaic Week Plovdiv 2021 supported by the Municipality of Plovdiv.

The project is made possible thanks to the team consisting of: Angela Pencheva, Anton Chalakov, Ivan Vasilev, Lina Petrova, Lyuba Manoilova, Matthew Shueller, Rayna Decheva-Uchkunova and Stanislav Stanev.