The Balkan Heritage Foundation Supports The Reopening Of The Museum Exhibition At Aladzha Rock-hewn Monastery Near Varna, Bulgaria

On July 20, 2023, the Varna Regional Historical Museum reopened the renovated museum exhibition at one of its major archaeological sites, the Aladzha Monastery, thanks to financial support from the Ministry of Culture and the Balkan Heritage Foundation. The renovated exhibition introduces the history of Christianity in Varna and its surroundings starting from the 1st century CE when, according to the Christian legend, St. Andrew the Apostle converted the people of Odessos (modern-day Varna) to Christianity and founded its bishopric. The exhibition then guides the visitor through the Early Christian period, the Middle Ages, and the Ottoman period up until the early 20th century when the latest autocephalous Bulgarian Orthodox Church was restored. It also presents the history of the Aladzha Monastery through visual reconstructions, documents, and artifacts – a number of which will be on display for the first time. Visitors can also learn about the deeds of Karel and Hermengild Škorpil, two brothers and scholars (Czech by origin) who were among the earliest Bulgarian archaeologists and founders of the Varna Archaeological Society and the first Varna Museum, in the museum’s lobby.

The Balkan Heritage Foundation’s collaboration with, and financial support of, the Varna Regional Historical Museum began in 2009 and has primarily focused on the archaeological excavations of the Early Byzantine Monastery on the Djanavara Hill near Varna.