Title: “Workshop for Conservation of Roman and Late Roman Pottery from Stobi (2010 -2014)”
Authors: Silvana Blazhevska, Angela Pencheva, Biljana Jankulovska-Peeva, Jovan Radnjanski, Goce Pavlovski, Kalina Stoyanova
Chief Editor: Angela Pencheva
Scientific Editors: Silvana Blazhevska, Krassimira Frangova
Technical Illustration: Alexander Manev
Graphic design: Kalina Stoyanova
Copy Editor: Julia Irons
Date: January, 2017
Format: E-book
ISBN 978-619-90783-0-3
Edition: First
Length: 88 pages
Language: English
Publisher: Balkan Heritage Foundation
Place: Stara Zagora
Availability: Free Download

This English publication presents 21 examples of the results of the Balkan Heritage project “Workshop for Conservation of Roman and Late Roman Pottery from Stobi” conducted in collaboration with NI Stobi. It contains descriptions of techniques and methods of conservation and restoration, applied during the first 5 years of the Workshop, introductions to the archaeological and historical context of the restored artifacts, as well as a catalogue of 21 vessels with brief information, photographs and technical drawings.