Immersive Storytelling – New Technologies in Cultural Heritage - an EU funded project for promotion and dissemination of cultural heritage using digital technologies starts with a seminar in Skopie, North Macedonia, May 31 - June 3, 2021

The Alexandrovo Tomb: 20 Years Later

The Balkan Heritage Foundation and its partners are pleased to invite you to the international conference (May 11 – 12, 2021) commemorating the discovery of the Thracian tomb of Alexandrovo.

Phoenicians and Cypriots in the Northern Aegean?

In the BEMA Online Seminar on June 10, 2021 Dr. Petya Ilieva talks about Phoenicians and Cypriots in the Northern Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean - objects, people and networks in the Geometric and Archaic Periods.
roman-theater- plovdiv

Urban Interactions in the Theater at Philippopolis

In the BEMA Online Seminar on April 24, 2021 Dr. Matthew Shueller presents on the topic of the 1st century CE theater in Philippopolis (present-day Plovdiv, Bulgaria) - a case study for entertainment venues in Roman Thrace.

Past and Present Studies of the Submerged Mesambria

In the BEMA Online Seminar on April 10, 2021 Dr. Nayden Prahov talks about ancient Mesambria (present-day Nessebar, Bulgaria), part of which is submerged underwater. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1983.
byzantine-monastery-djanavara-varna-aerial- view

Early Byzantine Monastery near Odessos (Varna)

In the BEMA Online Seminar on March 27, 2021 Dr. Vassil Tenekedjiev introduces the monastery on Djanavara Hill - one of the biggest and most impressive Early Christian sites not only in the Varna region, Bulgaria but also in the northeastern Balkans.
Original Entry Bacho Kiro CaveTsenka Tsanova

Earliest evidence of modern Homo sapiens from Bacho Kiro Cave

In the BEMA Online Seminar on March 13, 2021 Dr. Tsenka Tsanova talks about the results from the recent research in Bacho Kiro Cave, Bulgaria and how they are helping to understand the beginning of Homo sapiens’ appearance in Europe.
Prehistoric Tell Yunatsite stratigraphic layers timeline panelCopyright ©2020 Atelier 3

Tell Yunatsite Conservation Project

The Architectural Studio "Atelier 3" presents the completed design for conservation and presentation of the prehistoric site Tell Yunatsite in Southern Bulgaria following the joint preservation initiative of the Regional Museum of History - Pazardzhik, the archaeological team and the Balkan Heritage Foundation. The site is a venue of one of the Balkan Heritage Field School projects.

Trypillia megasites from the 4th millennium BCE

In the BEMA Online Seminar on February 06, 2021 Dr. Bisserka Gaydarska discusses the Trypillia megasites in the steppes of Ukraine and Moldova - the largest known settlements in 4th millennium BCE Europe and possibly the world.