Decolonizing the Study of Material Culture in the Hellenistic Far East

In the BEMA Online Seminar on November 06, 2021 Dr. Richard Wenghofer (Nipissing University, Canada) will talk about interpretations of the material culture in the Hellenistic Far East and more specifically the kingdoms of Bactria, the Indo-Greek and Indo-Scythian kingdoms.

Тhe library of the Monastery of St. Catherine's, Sinai

Dr. Nikolas Sarris (National Library of Greece) takes us on a journey through the archaeology of bookbinding and one of the largest collections of early and undisturbed book bindings on manuscripts at the library in St. Catherine's monastery in Sinai, established in the 6th century.

Conservation and Restoration of Mosaics

The annual meeting of the International Committee for Conservation of Mosaics (ICCM) board members took place on 28 February 2017, at the “House of Culture – Boris Hristov” in Plovdiv, Bulgaria
balkan-heritage-foundation-exhibition-VarnaAnton Chalakov

"Preserving the Past, Looking to the Future" Vol. 4 in Varna

Varna Regional Museum of History, Bulgaria and the Balkan Heritage Foundation held the opening of the 4th exhibition "Preserving the Past, Looking to the Future" on June 24, 2021!

Phoenicians and Cypriots in the Northern Aegean?

Dr. Petya Ilieva (Institute of Balkan Studies and Center for Thracology, Bulgaria) explores the evidence for the presence of Phoenicians and Cypriots in the Northern Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean - objects, people and networks in the Geometric (9th-7th century BCE) and Archaic (7th-5th century BCE) Periods.

The Alexandrovo Tomb. 20 Years Later Conference

20 years ago, near the village of Alexandrovo, Bulgaria, a remarkable monument of Thracian architecture from the early Hellenistic period 4th-3rd c. BCE was discovered.
roman-theater- plovdiv

Urban Interactions in the Theater at Philippopolis

Dr. Matthew Shueller (University of North Carolina, US) presents on the topic of ancient entertainment venues such as the 1st century CE theater in Philippopolis (present-day Plovdiv, Bulgaria) - a thriving metropolis in Roman Thrace.

Past and Present Studies of the Submerged Mesambria

Dr. Nayden Prahov (Center for Underwater Archaeology in Sozopol, Bulgaria) talks about the submerged ancient Mesambria (present-day Nessebar, Bulgaria) - a Greek colony founded in the 6th century BCE on the Black Sea Coast. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1983.
byzantine-monastery-djanavara-varna-aerial- view

Early Byzantine Monastery near Odessos (Varna)

Dr. Vassil Tenekedjiev (Varna Regional Museum of History, Bulgaria) introduces the monastery on Djanavara Hill - one of the biggest and most impressive Early Christian sites not only in the Varna region but also in the northeastern Balkans from the middle of the 5th to the first half of the 7th century CE.