Tell Yunatsite Archaeological Studies And Perspectives

Tell Yunatsite – Archaeological Studies and Perspectives

Tell Yunatsite is one of the most famous and continuously excavated prehistoric sites in Bulgaria. The book covers the history of research until 2000 which was focused on the Bronze Age layers and later periods. The focus of this publication is on the work of the two authors during the last 20 years in the Chalcolithic layers of the settlement. During those more recent excavations it was discovered that in the 5th millennium BCE the mound was only the topmost fortified part of a large settlement.

Ancient and Contemporary Mosaics of Plovdiv

The current publication presents twelve examples of ancient and contemporary mosaic art in the city of Plovdiv. The mosaics are part of the “Mosaic tour of Plovdiv” that was created in 2021 by the Balkan Heritage Foundation with the financial support of the Municipality of Plovdiv. The tour is the first of its kind to have been created by the Balkan Heritage Foundation in Bulgaria and aims to bring mosaic artistic heritage to a wider audience.

Master Conservation Plan For The Archaeological Site of Stobi, R. of North Macedonia | 2021

“Master Conservation Plan for the Archaeological Site of Stobi” is a strategic document aimed at providing guidance and recommendations for better protection and presentation of the diverse cultural heritage of the site, as well as guidelines for its sustainable development by improving the management and fundraising capacities of NI Stobi. The development of the plan involved numerous experts from North Macedonia, Bulgaria, UK, Italy, the USA, Greece and Canada. It is the first document of its kind in the Republic of North Macedonia and an excellent basis for creating similar plans for other archaeological sites in the country and the wider region.

Генералниот план за заштита на археолошкиот локалитет Стоби | 2021 (Master Conservation Plan For The Archaeological Site of Stobi, R. of North Macedonia – in Macedonian)

„Генералниот план за заштита на археолошкиот локалитет Стоби“ претставува стратешки документ чија цел е да обезбеди насоки и препораки за подобра заштита и презентација на разновидното културно наследство на локалитетот, како и насоки за неговиот одржлив развој преку подобрување на капацитетите за управување и прибирање финансиски средства на НУ Стоби. Подготовката на планот беше финансирана од J.M. Kaplan Fund (САД), во која беа вклучени бројни експерти од Северна Македонија, Бугарија, Обединетото кралство, САД, Грција и Канада. Тој е прв документ од ваков вид во Република Северна Македонија и одлична основа за создавање на слични планови за други археолошки локалитети во земјата и поширокиот регион.

Catalogue of Conserved Artifacts from Two Archaeological Sites in Bulgaria: Bona Mansio and Djanavara

The current bilingual catalogue (in Bulgarian and English) showcases 31 artifacts found during archaeological excavations and field schools supported by the Balkan Heritage Foundation in collaboration with the Archaeological Museum “Prof. Mieczysław Domaradzki’’ and the Varna Regional Museum of History. All of these finds were conserved/restored thanks to the donation campaign of the Balkan Heritage Foundation supported by Atos Bulgaria Competency Center and their staff, as well as Kristy-Lee Seaton, Zachary Boettcher and Ivaylo Kyuchukov.

Църквата „Св. Теодор Тирон“ в Зимевица, Софийско (The Church of St. Theodore Tyro in Zimevitsa, Sofia District – in Bulgarian)

This book sheds light on the history, architecture, wall paintings and various ecclesiastical artifacts of the 17th century church "St. Theodore Tyro" in the village of Zimevitsa near Sofia, Bulgaria. The data was collected during the ‘Fresco-Hunting” Photo Research Expedition to Medieval Balkan Churches​ in the period 2010-2016 ​by the Balkan Heritage Foundation. This Bulgarian edition is the first ​of the series: "Balkan Heritage ​Studies" and includes 194 illustrations (photographs and plans).

Workshop for Conservation of Roman and Late Roman Pottery from Stobi (2010 – 2014)

This English publication presents 21 examples of the results of the Balkan Heritage project "Workshop for Conservation of Roman and Late Roman Pottery from Stobi" conducted in collaboration with NI Stobi. It contains descriptions of techniques and methods of conservation and restoration, applied during the first 5 years of the Workshop, introductions to the archaeological and historical context of the restored artifacts, as well as a catalogue of 21 vessels with brief information, photographs and technical drawings.